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Aniversário: N/A
Mora em: Vila Pelicanos
Endereço: Guilda dos Aventureiros
Casamento: Não
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Robin building.png
“Ainda tenho muito trabalho a fazer”
— Robin

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“I'd like to talk about the famous Adventurer's Guild near Pelican Town. The guild leader, Marlon, has a nice rewards program for anyone brave enough to slay monsters in the local caves. Adventurers will receive powerful items in exchange for slaying large quantities of monsters. There's a poster on the wall with more details. Very cool!”
— Vivendo da Terra

Marlon is a aldeões who lives in the North East of Vila Pelicanos, in the Guilda dos Aventureiros. He will buy any monster drops you get in the mines at the counter inside the guild.

Players meet him the first time they enter As Minas. He gifts them a sword, and instructs them to descend into the mines exploring. Players must first complete the quest to kill ten slimes before being allowed admittance to the Guilda dos Aventureiros.


The Adventurer's Guild is open from 2pm-10pm. While it's open, Marlon can be found inside at the counter.


Marlon lives in the Guilda dos Aventureiros with Gil, who can usually be found rocking in his chair next to the counter Marlon works at.

Players cannot give gifts to raise amizade points with Marlon.


  • Marlon lost his eye in the mines