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In regards of the "Matrimônio - Casamento" changes, both words can be translated to Marriage, but Casamento is more correct, given the context of where's it's being used.
Some errors like that may happen frequently, since the game is full of inconsistencies between some words translations in some dialogues, signs, warnings, books etc.
Nagisa (discussão) 17h23min de 1 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Thank you margotbean (discussão) 19h46min de 1 de maio de 2017 (BST)


Thanks for the help with the Infobox. I just wanted to request if the "g" extension for the money could be changes to "ouros".
Nagisa (discussão) 14h29min de 13 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Re: Ouros

Once again, thanks for the help with the Templates.
Nagisa (discussão) 01h34min de 14 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Lower and Uppercase

I've recently became unable to edit on this wiki due to time constrains, but i did notice that you have been renaming and editing some pages lowercasing some words.
Please don't do that.
On BR-PT (not sure if this applies to Portuguese used on Portugal, but since the game was localized to PT-BR), lowercasing words like Cristal de terra makes them grammatically incorrect, since you are not using them on a phrase, you are making a title. I know it's not your fault, and you are probably using the game files (and yes, that makes ALL names in the games files wrong), but i undone some of these changes and you changed them back. I assume you didn't see my explanation when i changed them, so in order to avoid more confusions i'm sending this message.
Hope this answer some of your questions.
Best regards,
Nagisa (discussão) 22h40min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Yeah, i dealt with some problems with MediaWiki in other wikis before, and i know how infernal the searches can be.
As for the bugs and misspellings, i'm making a list of the translations issues to send to Chucklefish, but it's going to take sometime.
Also about the searches, renaming the pages won't be a problem since most of the changes are to middles names (Cristal de Terra), so when the users are going to search they usually go to Cristal or Cristal de so changing the names won't be a problem. I'm pretty sure most users don't go far as searching the entire name, and even if they do, MediaWiki auto redirects them to the nearest equivalent possible (on upper and lower cases characters, i mean).
Nagisa (discussão) 23h02min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)
Strange, for me it actually does.Nagisa (discussão) 23h22min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)


I was translating the page of the mummy, and happened a small accident happened. Just go in there, okay? Umcaraqualquer (discussão) 1 de junho de 2017

ficaria mais prático e confortável falar pelo g-mail [email protected] langue:Portugues do Brasil


Hey are you brazilian? I am new on this wiki and I need some help with the code and somethings more... then if you are online and can help me let's talk by e-mail because it's more easy than here i think x.x my e-mail: [email protected]

Pi Polaris (discussão) 04h16min de 21 de julho de 2017 (BST)

Needing help to create a page!

Hi, Margotbean! I'm new to this wiki and I'm still struggling to edit some stuff that are inside tables, specially when it comes with an image and changing the label made the image disappear. Your changes in "Covo" helped me understand how to do it properly! Thanks! Also, thank you for correcting some of my translations, I didn't know the in-game translations and found some grammar problems there. Guess the grammar problems are on the game codes...

There's a question, though, that I was confused yesterday. I usually play the game in english and didn't have the opportunity to see the in-game translation for the starfruit. The PT-BR translation is 'carambola', but in this wiki I've seen both "fruta-estrela" and "carambola" referring to the starfruit. And have also seen "fruta-estrela" referring to the stardrop. I didn't edit because I wasn't sure about the in-game translation of the starfruit. I know that "stardrop" should be translated to "fruta estelar", since that's the name of the saloon when you play in PT-BR. Problem is - the page about starfruit (in the PT-BR wiki) doesn't exist yet! It exists on the official english wiki, though. Since I don't know the codes and styling stuff, I don't know how to start and create the page. Could you please help me?

Thank you very much!


Hello again! Thank you very much for your help, I've already translated 95% of the page Carambola. All that's left to do is verify some in-game translations that I couldn't verify at the moment as I was playing and include the in-game translation of the description of the fruit (all I have now is the seed description).

Also, I was playing and found out that there is a page which title is misused. As we talk about bundles, in PT-BR it is used in-game as Conjuntos. But the pages and related stuff about it are named Pacotes. Should we change it?

I'm also fitting some NPC pages, starting with Caroline, because the whole page is still in english.

Thanks again, hope to hear from you soon!

--Liswyn (discussão) 01h19min de 22 de outubro de 2017 (BST)

Carambola - In-game translations?

Hi there, Margotbean!

Thanks a lot for including the translations I couldn't check before! But I have a question. The description of the fruit says "Uma fruta extremamente quente que cresce em temperatura quente e úmida. Ligeiramente doce com tons azedos." inside the infobox. If this is the in-game translation, guess I'll try and report a bad translation, because in english it says "An extremely juicy fruit that grows in hot, humid weather. Slightly sweet with a sour undertone.", and juicy doesn't translate to "quente", but to "suculenta" (cheia de suco, full of juice). I'm sorry if I'm bothering you too much with this D:

Also, just as a matter of curiosity, does the mission "A Soldier's Star" really translate to "Um soldado do caramba"? I found this so funny HAHAHAH I'd never think of it, it's a nice game of words xD This would translate back to english as "A Heck of a Soldier", with 'heck' as a good thing, or even "a f***ing soldier" (this one was the translation given by Google)!

Hope to hear from you soon! :D

Liswyn (discussão) 14h17min de 26 de outubro de 2017 (BST)--

Hello, again!

Thanks for the tips! I'll surely add the note, but I'll add it to the body of the page, as before the main content, so people don't get mad at us, hahah! About Kent's quest, just for a matter of curiosity, "caramba" is not a bad word in Portuguese, it's a "polite" intensifier (I'm not gonna tell you the unpolite, it's rather offensive hahah) and children use it too! That's why I found it so funny xD I'm gonna report the bug right away, maybe someone already did so, but I'll try again just in case.

Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!

Liswyn (discussão) 17h56min de 30 de outubro de 2017 (UTC)--

Translation request

Can we translate the wiki into Serbian?

Utilizador:SUPER SERBIA|Нема више турских пита од посавског златног жита!!! (discussão) 20h41min de 4 de novembro de 2017 (UTC)


Obrigada Margot! Eu não estava conseguindo achar a página Calico vinte e um =P May (discussão)


I'm Nox, brazilian. I want help to translate this wiki. I want know if have some problem.

Sorry my english :P --Nox (discussão) 22h59min de 6 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)


Obrigado por arrumar as imagens do Diamante! Brigadão!! Art930 (discussão) 22h44min de 26 de janeiro de 2018 (UTC) Art930


Hello, sorry if I messed up that Qualityprice page. I was trying to do something totally different and end up in the wrong place. lol Thanks for fixing it. And sorry again!

mdscatharina (discussão) 00h15min de 1 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Main page old link

Please, Margot, remove the Equipamento link from the main page. This page has been almost blanked and there is already a relevant link to the same subject, i.e. Artesanato. Thank you. Sapador (discussão) 18h07min de 1 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Anti-national activism

Salut, Margot

I saw a guy creating many accounts (in the EN wiki) to express his hate towards a country. Haven't you the possibility to block the entire IP? Wouldn't it be better, despite the bad side effects? Sapador (discussão) 13h07min de 28 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Articles' titles in plural

Hi again

Shouldn't we move the pages Machado and Picareta to their respective plural form, as in Enxadas and following the standard in English Axes, Pickaxes and Hoes? This would avoid red links every time we bring texts from the EN version like in the last edit at Hidromel. Sapador (discussão) 13h53min de 28 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

PT wiki creating extra lines when rendering

Hi, Margotbean!

Every time we use the FishLocations LOCATIONNAME template the PT wiki is rendering the empty line before headings as <p><br></p>.

I've looked into the entire code of this article section and compared with its English version - including the templates used in both cases (FishLocationHeader, FishLocationEntry, FishLocations LOCATIONNAME, etc.) - and there seem to be no difference between them, that could explain why the PT version is creating extra lines, while the EN version is not. So I'm supposing it's happening in the rendering process.

I could simply delete the lines in the articles, but it seems to be inconvenient, as it would make our code confuse for editors and it would be required every time the situation appears. Thanks in advance. Sapador (discussão) 01h33min de 20 de maio de 2018 (BST)

I'm sory! The problem was caused by myself! In january I translated the name of fishes in these templates, but I also changed the tag "onlyinclude" to "includeonly" just to avoid them displaying twice at the template's page. But it seems these tags work differently when transcluding content, i.e. "includeonly" was creating an extra line!
EDIT: Hide example with templates and headings to avoid "flooding" your wall. Sapador (discussão) 04h09min de 21 de maio de 2018 (BST)

In-game bad translations

Salut, Margot

I was thinking about creating a hidden category to gatther pages with notes about bad in-game translations (like this one) to help the game developer to keep track on them and hopefully fix them in the next version. What do you think?

Another thing is I saw a hidden comment you left on the page Mobília asking if "Cadeira do interior" would be a good translation to en:Country Chair. It's not wrong, as "interior" also means the inner part of a country, state or city in oposition to its coast. As most of big brazilian cities are situated by the coast, "interior" is used to designate "backcountry" or "hinterland". But, in this case it may become confusing as people may also think it's a chair specially made for indor uses, that it's not a "garden chair".

If the intention was to say "a chair with a countryside style", I think "Cadeira do campo" or "Cadeira de fazenda" would be more apropriate. The second may sound redundant as all chairs will be used in the farm (fazenda), but for brazilian readers it's clear that it's related to the chair's style; and is way more used than the first option. — Sapador (discussão) 01h33min de 26 de maio de 2018 (BST)

Hi Sapador! I think it's an excellent idea to create a category for pages with translation errors. I think, though, it might help readers if the category were not hidden. I think any native speaker might want to look through the list of bad translations to be sure the errors are in the game, and not just on the wiki. Having a visible link at the bottom of the page draws attention to it, so more people can find it.
I also like the idea of having a link to post on the Chucklefish forums, to say "here are ALL the bad translations - please fix them!" I am desperate to get them fixed, I have submitted multiple bug reports, but the development team seems to be unaware of them, or unable to fix them.  :/
As for the chair, I think I wrote the note on the Mobília page because google translate said "Cadeira do interior" meant "Inner chair". Which is not a thing in this dimension of the universe. (ha ha) So, you must decide if the translation sounds really stupid or not. If it sounds really stupid, then create a redirect from "Cadeira do interior" to the name of your choice. Otherwise, leave the name of the item as-is and create an explanation of the intended meaning on the page.
The most important thing is that readers can find the correct page by typing in the name of the item as it appears in-game. Redirects are our friends here.  ;) margotbean (discussão) 18h46min de 26 de maio de 2018 (BST)

Yt- pt br

I did not find any Brazilian moderator (I did not search carefully!) so I came here to ask if there is any problem of creating a channel on youtube with some topics of stardew valley in Portuguese, because there is not much of this content here. And if you can help in any way

Ericosta2.0 (discussão) 02h40min de 22 de maio de 2019 (BST)21/05/2019Ericosta2.0 (discussão) 02h40min de 22 de maio de 2019 (BST) Ericosta2.0 (discussão) 02h40min de 22 de maio de 2019 (BST)

Hi Ericosta! I'm afraid I can't help because I'm not Brazilian (and don't speak Portugese), but you can make youtube videos if you like. ConcernedApe states this in the FAQ on the official website: https://www.stardewvalley.net/faq/ (See "Can I talk about/post videos of your game on Youtube/Twitter?") Best of luck! margotbean (discussão) 19h28min de 22 de maio de 2019 (BST)

Fish Section PT Wiki

Hi Margotbean, i just made a new file upload of the infograph in PT the image is 800kb now like the other infographs, but with the first and second version of the file the wiki is giving a error when creating the thumbnail, can you look at this? Thanks. marcelobozo (discussão) 17h43min de 17 de julho de 2019 (BST)

Hi, Marcelo! The problem is on the server, and I've made the Admin aware of it. It's a known issue that went away and then came back. It should be fixed as soon as possible! margotbean (discussão) 05h54min de 18 de julho de 2019 (UTC)

Chat on discordapp for Lusophone Users (Portuguese language)

Hello Margotbean,

You may have noticed that on some pages there is a redirect to the discord chat (currently, to the English community).

In my opinion, we should create a discord for our community in Portuguese.

Not only from the wiki, but from the general. So much for support (outside forums and etc ...) More for a more modern and relaxed conversation.

Our community has dozens of users who know how to use discord (and manage and moderate myself).

If you support the idea, I would love to take the initiative for this idea on behalf of the community!

Thank you for your attention. Kaioduarte (discussão) 13h59min de 7 de fevereiro de 2020 (UTC)

Case continuation: Chat on discordapp for Lusophone Users (Portuguese language)

Hello Again Margotbean,

I have two news, the first is that unfortunately they do not have support for this. After all, they would have to add all languages ​​and support all of them in one place. So for this only English.

Second news

They told me that I can feel free to create and generate a community for my language and have the help of my own Community for this. So now, I just need you to confirm that I can Proceed with this to be able to create, publish and advertise to my community.

Waiting for your response, Kaio D. Kaio Duarte Costa (discussão) 21h47min de 7 de fevereiro de 2020 (UTC)